geNiUSchannel and geNiUSbooks is an initiative by Provost Office to complement traditional, blended and online learning with contents curated by our own community of teaching staff, departments and students for the benefit of students across all disciplines.

Video contents in geNiUSchannel are classified under the various sub-categories. 

  • geNiUStalks
  • geNiUSbooks
  • geNiUSvlogs
  • geNiUSguides
  • virtualgeNiUS

geNiUSchannel is both an internal and an outward-facing portal – the first using Panopto – the other using YouTube.

geNiUSchannel YouTube will be a platform for showcasing NUS staff and students.

geNiUSbooks is an interactive web-based content using Microsoft Sway.

Discover geNiUSchannel via uNivUS mobile app.  

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Apple Store

How do I participate in geNiUSchannel as a content creator?

By Invitation from Provost Office

  1. If the Staff or Department are invited by Provost Office to share their curated contents, CIT will be contacting the Staff/Department to go through an initial understanding of the types of video contents and propose the suitable category for the contents to be shared.

Submission by Staff/Students/Departments

  1. Submit the online acknowledgement form.
  2. Content creators are to take note of Guidelines on geNiUSchannel as stated before submission.
  3. If approved for publishing, contents will be publish in the designated category to all staff and students.